Erica is absolutely the most versatile yoga instructor I’ve ever met.  Somehow she is able to know what I need when I need it.  She’s able to give me an incredibly challenging session/workout when I want to work hard, but she’s also able to adjust the sessions depending on whether I am feeling low energy, have sore muscles, or even an injury. The most outstanding aspect of her versatility is that she’s able to offer Pranassage.  At the end of a challenging yoga session or if I’m low energy or have had a hard day – its wonderful, its so therapeutic and feels truly decadent.


Erica’s prenatal yoga classes became my haven for all 3 of my pregnancies in San Francisco. Some days it was all I could do to get into that room and finally reach a moment to be still, move, or breathe, processing the shifts and changes in my mind and body. I tried lots of classes, but Erica quickly became my favorite teacher.

As a chiropractor, I appreciated that every class she guided us through gentle yet still functional athletic movements that alleviated tension, and stress in each trimester. I really felt her desire to connect with me as a person and mama, not just a number in her class. Forever grateful and would recommend as a self care gift to any future mama!


I can’t say enough amazing things about Erica… She was absolutely everything I needed when I was pregnant with my daughter, trying to go into labor and then at home with a newborn!

I met Erica in San Francisco and I absolutely loved her classes and went religiously. She also offered incredible acupressure therapy to help me go into labor. She has such a calm presence, completely understands what mamas are experiencing and has a very empathetic and therapeutic approach in everything she does.


Erica leads a truly personal yoga session.  She listens closely and watches attentively so that she can tailor each session to respond to what I am experiencing physically and emotionally.  I am a true beginner and have a history of back problems, and, as a new mom, sometimes I am full of energy and strength and sometimes I am not.  Erica is able to adjust poses appropriately to give my body a serious workout, while protecting my back and freeing my mind.  She has made a difference in my body and psyche.  She is a gem!


Erica’s yoga class has been a great addition to my workout routine that has undoubtedly improved my flexibility and core strength. As a marathon runner, weight lifter, and softball player with a previous shoulder injury I am constantly at risk for chronic overuse injuries. Erica’s class has allowed me to improve my lower extremity flexibility, to stay injury free while training and even eliminate my shoulder pain I often experience after weight lifting and softball games.

As a physical therapist and strength coach, I also have a professional appreciation for Erica’s abilities as a teacher to guide first timers seamlessly through a class and modify positions when she notices someone that may find it too challenging.


Erica’s classes were a special treat for my son and I.  A time for each of us to get on our respective yoga and play mats, move our bodies, be present with ourselves and with other moms & babies. When my son became restless, Erica bounced him in her arms and walked him around the room so I could finish my practice.  I appreciated Erica sharing her own experience as a mom as well.

I felt rejuvenated and accomplished after each class.  I would highly recommend Erica’s classes, before, during and after pregnancy!


I started practicing yoga with Erica over 6 years ago — from the start of my prenatal journey with twins, to postpartum classes, to therapeutic yoga and now virtual yoga while we are on opposite coasts. Not only is Erica a warm and inviting yoga teacher but she is also an excellent facilitator and skilled at cultivating community.  The prenatal classes she led were such an influence in my pregnancy journey, benefiting me and my peers in mind, body, and spirit as we underwent this life-changing experience.  I felt healthy and strong and attended the class right up to my delivery date.

I have grown so much over the years, both on and off the mat, because of Erica’s guidance and open minded way of sharing her knowledge.  She has a calm and joyful presence.  There is just so much I appreciate about Erica, but I will sum it up by saying that she brings her whole self to teaching yoga and I am so excited to witness all the positive change she is creating in this world.  She encourages you to carve out your own unique path and listen to the voice within.


Erica makes yoga flow, and I always walk out of her classes feeling calmer and more balanced.  Her gentle personality comes out in her teaching and practice.


I always feel uplifted after taking Erica’s yoga class. The positive energy, and the light and wonderful rhythm to the class makes me feel calm and grounded. There is also great diversity in the stretches and yoga poses which keep the class interesting and inspired.


I could tell Erica loved teaching prenatal yoga which made me feel uplifted. She helped guide my yoga practice where it needed to be during that sacred time. Her attention to detail is outstanding. I hope you get to experience Erica. She is a blessing to us all.


Erica’s prenatal yoga got me through 2 pregnancies. I loved her class, both in person and virtual. It was a great mix of relaxation, stretching and just enough strengthening. I would leave each class feeling soothed and stronger all at the same time. It is also the first class I want to return post pregnancy.


I was new to Yoga when I first went to one of Erica’s classes.  She made me feel very comfortable and showed me how yoga could help me in my athletics.  I used to play semi pro football and noticed how yoga was helping me stay stretched and was improving my mobility.  Not only on the field, but also in my weight training at the gym.  My private sessions with Erica helped keep me mobile.


I looked forward to Erica’s prenatal yoga class each week. I knew I’d always leave feeling more relaxed, nimble and somehow more spacious in my pregnant body. A surprising bonus, I often felt more connected to my baby at the end of class as well.

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