Ways to Practice

Welcome, yogi! Life is busy, and sometimes it’s difficult to make a studio class or plan time for a longer practice at home. My goal is to meet you where you are at, and provide options to help bring yoga into your life in a flexible way (pun intended!)

For a list of upcoming livestream and in-person classes, please see my Class Schedule.

If you would rather do yoga at your own time and pace, my On Demand Library is for you. There, you will find classes ranging from 10 minutes to over an hour, with all sorts of focus areas. The Library will continue to have new classes added to it, so your practice options will expand as times goes on.

If you are an expecting or new mama looking for one well-rounded practice that you can repeat again and again, the Prenatal Essentials or Postnatal Essentials Bundle may be perfect for you. Each bundle is a group of shorter practices which together comprise a complete extended class. These are intended for yogis that do not want to become a member, but would still like access to repeat one well-rounded experience that will benefit their whole body and baby.

Pricing Options

Being a Yogi Member gives you the most flexibility with how to practice. As a Yogi Member, you will have unlimited access to join all regular livestream classes and do any class within my on-demand library anytime you would like. The components of the prenatal and postnatal essentials bundles are also included for members.

If you’d rather not become a member but still want to practice either livestream or on-demand classes, you can purchase a Class Pack, which can be used for temporary access to a class of your choosing.

For more information on the Prenatal Essentials and Postnatal Essentials Bundles, which are standalone experiences for expecting and new mamas, please see the Bundles section.



If you are an expecting or new mama looking for one well-rounded practice that you can repeat again and again for one price, you can purchase a Bundle. These are stand-alone mini practices that together comprise one complete class experience. They will not change or be added to.

If you are an existing Yogi Member, these bundles are already included in the On-Demand Library above, so you do not need to purchase these separately.

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