Ways to Practice

Welcome, yogi! Life is busy, and sometimes it’s difficult to make a studio class or plan time for a longer practice at home. My goal is to meet you where you are at, and provide options to help bring yoga and wellness into your life in a flexible way (pun intended!)

For a list of upcoming livestream and in-person yoga classes, please see my Class Schedule.

For upcoming workshops and stand-alone “Bundle” experiences, see my Workshops and Bundles.

If you want to practice at your own time and pace, my On Demand Library is for you. There, you will find classes ranging from 10 minutes to over an hour, with all sorts of focus areas. The Library will continue to have new classes added to it, so your practice options will expand as times goes on.

Pricing Options

Within the On Demand Library, you can rent access to individual classes. You can also purchase a Class Pack, which can be used to attend live classes or pre-recorded classes of your choosing. Lastly, if you want access to all of the on-demand classes whenever you’d like, you can purchase a monthly On Demand Access Pass.


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