Erica is not currently offering Acupressure sessions.  

Acupressure has been used for thousands of years to help restore the body and mind and to release any blockages that exist on the energetic pathways of the body.  Through gentle touch, the specific points along these energetic pathways, or meridians, are stimulated to promote healing and balance.  They are the same meridians and points that are targeted in an acupuncture session, however acupressure does not involve needles and often incorporates gentle stretching and massaging of the tissues on and around these acupoints.

Acupressure can help alleviate imbalances such as:

  • Digestive issues including nausea, heartburn and constipation
  • Insomnia and sleep problems
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Physical aches or restlessness in the body, including back, hips, etc.
  • Fatigue and depression
  • Hormone and milk supply imbalances
  • Allergies and sinus problems

If you are interested in learning more but unsure if acupressure can help, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

What to Expect

Acupressure sessions typically last between 60-75 minutes.  At the beginning of the session, there will be a short assessment where Erica will ask some questions to learn more specifics about what is bothering you, and she will also read your traditional chinese medicine pulses and have a peek at your tongue.  During the session, you will remain fully clothed on a massage table.  Erica does a light massage / rubdown of the back and whole body, and will then spend the remainder of the session holding combinations of acupoints that she feels will help you the most. The majority of people find the session very relaxing, and many people fall asleep.

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